We live and breathe for the pretty.

We live and breath for the Pretty

Heather | Artistic Director & Lead Florist

Obsessed with soft pastel colours, sweet, beautiful blooms and fine art weddings.  A lover of creative celebrations and thoughtful touches.  A wanderlust who loves to explore wineries in the Provencal French countryside, Châteaux of Loire Valley, charming coastal villas of Menorca islands and new destinations that inspire my soul.  A firm believer in creating personalized and unique events that create a feeling of deep intimacy.  I am a painter and my formal training in Fine Art informs my decision in colour, composition and texture. Through my position as an Artistic Director, I am able to combine my love for art with my love for love. Born in Hong Kong, based in Vancouver, we travel to wherever gorgeousness takes us.  I am blessed to be doing what I love the most.  My event design team and myself are so thankful to walk through this joyful and memorable journey with you.

Alice | Visual Stylist

A dreamer and perfectionist, yet I treasure the simple beauties of life.  I am proud to call Vancouver my home, but often travel overseas to search for unique gems & classic decor pieces.  I am inspired by the beauty of historic destinations.  You will find me strolling through Rue des Rosiers, Paris, searching for 19th century gold frames or hiding away in Islington, London, treasure-hunting for glamorous vintage brooches and fine English bone china.  I believe in approaching my role as a Visual Stylist with an intensive focus on design innovation, providing our clients with exclusively unique findings and personal, dedicated services.

Image by Zosia Zacharia Fine Art Photographer

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